Bottle with Atomizer 50ml  for Gastronomy, private Customers and Agencies


Sphärenklänge Vol. 1

Cherries (90%) with a subtle pepperoni touch


Sphärenklänge Vol. 2

Plums (on must)


Sphärenklänge Vol. 3

Raspberries (on must)


Sphärenklänge Vol. 4 - Composition

Balm (70%) / Basil (30%)


Sphärenklänge Vol. 5

Tarragon (70%) / Curry plant (30%)


Sphärenklänge Vol. 6

Quince (on must)


Sphärenklänge Vol. 7 - Composition Winter; fruity with a touch of Cinnamon*


Sphärenklänge Vol. 8

Cuvée Prestige – Special Edition 2016


Sphärenklänge Vol. 9 - Composition Rosemary (70%) / Curry plant  (30%)


Sphärenklänge Vol. 10

BBQ Swiss – Special Edition 2016

When using the atomizer the development of the aromas together with the oxygen is much more intense and spicy. You will reach the premium delight together with freshly served crudités and blanched vegetables.

SPRAYS - Chef's Edition

Bottle with Atomizer 50ml  

Flacon des Pommes d‘Or Vol. 1

Cuvée Prestige / Essence of Lemon Myrtle


Flacon des Pommes d’Or Vol. 2 Raspberries (on Must) / Essence of dried Porcini


Flacon des Pommes d'Or Vol. 3

Kiwi from Schmidener Feld / Essence of Mugwort


Flacon des Pommes d’Or Vol. 4

Rosemary (70%) / Curry plant (30%) / Essence of Gentian


Flacon des Pommes d'Or Vol. 5 

Apple (on Must) / fresh Bourbon Vanilla (Madagascar)