“Everyone can make vinegar, BIO-logic!

We, the ESSIG | werkstatt thoroughly chose site and texture when harvesting our ancient and nontreated varieties of fruits. At our apple manufacture we collect and take care of fruits preferably from standard orchards, apples of special taste and expression, rarities from Stuttgart orchard meadows and neighboring regions.


The whole process of manufacturing is based on our tradition, knowledge, and conscience and is driven by 40 years of experience and passion. Patience, an exquisite taste, and intuition of several generations define the quality of our handmade fermentation vinegar without any additives.


They are produced and designed in various and refined variations for the exquisite cuisine and selected retailers. Our Aperitif Apple Vinegar contains no sulfite or any other preservatives. All products are unfiltered and not-heated, so that valuable enzymes and flavors are preserved. The fermentation using the Orléans Method is not only time-consuming but entails risks as well.


Tradition, experience, and passion require the right surrounding: our up to 300 years old cellars make sure that a suitable microclimate is established. 

… natural delight by biological Fermentation