DR. Yana Steudel - Aromenflüsterin

Her love to cook and her passion for flavors, for artworks on the plate and for stunning dishes was born in beautiful Kyoto (Japan) where she had spent 1,5 years doing research as a PostDoc in chemistry. 
Japanese cuisine with its eye for each detail, its amazing plates, ceramics, and lacquerware which are carefully chosen for each dish, with the meditating quietness of the traditional restaurants, unusual and fascinating ingredients, spices, and flavors which are used in perfect amounts that one can taste and appreciate each component – this is the world where this “Aromenflüsterin” or “flavor whisperer” was born. 


Each further country where she was travelling to as a scientist or a curious tourist  - Singapore or New Zealand, Malaysia or Thailand, US, France or Spain – added remarkable traces to her cuisine.  In the meantime, she is a passionate cook who published recipes in Apero Magazin by Eckart Witzigmann. She took part in many cooking contests, collected prizes, and inspired renown judges such as Tim Raue. 

She loves to create dishes to engage all senses – beautiful to look at, with a fascinating bouquet to smell, an explosion of aromas and flavors in the mouth, and culminating in beaming eyes of everyone involved. 

She loves to cook with fruits, uses herbs and spices, fruit vinegars and sirups in delicate amounts to highlight each ingredient. And her dishes have been unimaginable without fine fruit vinegars for years now: They are light, healthy, and full of flavors. Her followers appreciate the precise recipes of a scientist, feel her emotions in every dish and enjoy the story behind them. 

All this is fitting perfectly well in the team of “Stuttgarter Sphärenklänge by Marc Boehringer“. With her fine palate and creativity, she contributes to the product- and flavor development, and with her scientific background to the quality control and management. Her phenomenal language talent allows her to easily communicate with chefs, bloggers and passionate gourmets around the world.  


Flyer - Dr. Yana Steudel
Lenocinium - Aromenflüsterin UK-08-2017.
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