Lenocinium – the seduction for all senses



fine Aperitif Apple Vinegar

cloudy by nature


3% of biologically elaborated acid from non-treated, hand-picked whole apples of

all varieties from traditional Stuttgart orchards and orchard meadows, refined

with the scent of ripe berries, fruits, and herbs from the own garden.

10 years of aging in barrel

Unfiltered, without any additives, sugar-free,

not heated, no sulfite, vegan


Stuttgarter Sphärenklänge Vol. 1-10 by Marc Boehringer


Very delicate salads suffer from too heavy dressings. With our vinegar atomizer in bottles of 50 ml, you spread the apple vinegar with the refined flavors and aromas at the exact right time and the right amount.  This is the perfect way of increasing the pleasure and enjoy the vinegar.

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Behind the scenes


What started in the family out of the tradition of using a vinegar mother of more than 80 years of age has now matured from a hobby into a vocation. 


The careful selection of fully ripened fruit from regional gardens and “a life with the noble fruit” guarantee unparalleled scents and aromas.